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Vanity & My Future Career
June 15, 2010, 1:57 am
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Do you guys ever do this totally vain thing of reading all your old blog posts? I just did it and I’m like “OMG I’m sooooo funny.” My dad thinks so, too, he wants me to write a novel. What should it be about? “101 Ways to kill time at work” and it could be like 101 hilarious stories of stupid things I’ve done.

Speaking of which, I have been having kind of a hard time at work. Not like hard like I’ve been working 24/7 (some people on my team have…so I’ve been more like the support/shoulder for them to cry on because they are delirious and haven’t slept in a week). But hard like, I’m so unmotivated and can’t get into anything I’m doing. I wanted to be in marketing SO badly for so long…and now I feel so ungrateful that I’m here and I don’t know what I’m doing and am just sucking.

Me and my coach (my work coach. She RULES)  talked about what I like doing and how I could use those interests/talents to select something I wanted to work on. Things I like doing included: reading, writing, making funny puns, organization, travel, and talking to people. Surprisingly, we did not determine that I should be a novelist writing clever travel books; rather, we came up with some boring marketing project. Unfortunately, I did not get the project I wanted, instead I am working on developing partnerships. In related news, I recently described my ideal career to a date, and it was “Wake up late, have a pastry and a cappuccino, maybe go to yoga, talk to my friends and get my nails done” Him: “Wow, so you’re not very ambitious” (Actual date transcription. Why yes, I am still single, thanks for asking).

The good news is that the partnerships opportunity probably means I get to spend more time talking to people and traveling (to exotic destinations like Dayton, Ohio). The bad news is that I have no idea what I’m doing. And if there is one thing I hate doing, it is things I am horrible at. I guess I should look at it as more of a learning opportunity….if it is painful, that probably means you’re growing in some way, and that’s good for you in life- right?

Time to face the pain! (maybe that could be my book title).



Sex & The City 2, Travel Fails: 2
May 27, 2010, 1:48 am
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It has been a whirlwind couple of weeks! There was Houston/Friendswood, TX, San Diego, and New York City (said in the way they say it in the Pace commercials: Neww York citaaay!?”).

In NY, I had the distinct pleasure of attending the Sex & The City 2 Premier after party. We were supposed to wear ugly Google t shirts, but Laura and I said fuck it, this is our one chance to meet a celebrity husband (at least that was my train of thought) and we got all gussied up. On a related note, I had not brought anything to wear to such an event and, as a result, spent so much at Anthropologie, that Visa called thinking I had been robbed. Might as well have been. But, I got a premier-worthy reworked vintage dress. Thank god people were tiny in the old days, because for once something from Anthro actually fit me. Laura suggested that I expense it since it was for a work event, but I feel like my manager (while he has let me expense such ridiculous things as batteries for a robotic dinosaur) might have questioned that one.

Our purported reason for being there was to “work” a “booth” showcasing the Parisian Love video and the tool where users can make their own search stories.

Our actual party activities consisted of: drinking fun drinks, hobnobbing with celebs (okay…gawking and creepily rubbing Chris Noth’s leg when he was standing next to me), and dancing like fools. A fun time was had by all (especially Mr Big, wink wink).

From there, however, things went downhill. I was called upon to work the amazing Doodle 4 Google event, which was actually not why things went downhill. However, I had booked 2 nights at a hotel, not 3, and needed a place to stay Tuesday night. Easy enough, right- Manhattan must have like 100,000 hotel rooms.  Unfortunately, the only ones available were $600+. Actual transcription of my phone call to The Standard:

Me: Hello, do you have any rooms available tonight?

Lady: I’m sorry, we’re fully committed except for a room that is $1300 per night.

Me: (Briefly considers it but does quick comparative analysis and realizes this is more than my monthly rent) Okay, thank you.

I checked Orbitz, Expedia, even tried to Priceline a hotel for $350 (our max spend is supposed to be $215)- no luck! Literally, not a single room in Manhattan. Who knew? Though work was footing the bill, I just felt irresponsible for having them pay $700 for me for one night when that’s like, basically how much I make per month. TRAVEL FAIL!

The amazing part was that I got to stay with Rieka! My BFF from college who is the best ever. We had a great time.

Today, I attended the amazingly fun Doodle 4 Google event, featuring talented child artists and their Google Doodles. Also, there was fried chicken in Central Park (no, there is no better combination, in case you were wondering). I left the event, fat and happy (and mildly sweaty, it was, after all 92 degrees) and headed to our office to grab my suitcase. Then, I cheerfully made my way to the street, knowing that it would be SO easy to get a cab, unlike SF where is near-impossible. Think again, sucka!

I stood on the corner for 20 minutes and a disturbing trend emerged. I asked to be taken to JFK, and was repeatedly told they wouldn’t take me. I literally started offering drivers a $100 cash tip (good for a one hour stay at The Standard), and yet NO ONE WOULD TAKE ME. What is this, bizarro world? Then cabs flat out just drove by me- the fat, shiny, wet lump on the corner, lugging a suitcase that could only be destined for the airport. This was a problem, as it was after 4 and my flight was at 6.

I later found out, from another cabbie, why nobody would pick us up (no, it wasn’t BO). They were all about to get off their shifts, and so nobody wanted to make a 3 hour round trip to the airport. Does it seem like poor organizational planning to anyone else to have every cab driver in NY get off work at exactly the same time?

I grumpily stomped back to the Google lobby and our saint of a receptionist began calling car services for me. Meanwhile, I went downstairs to continue pursuing Mission:Impossible. Finally a car service was found that could pick me up in 5 minutes. I saw some other hopeless soul with a suitcase trying to get a cab, and was like “Hey lady, come with me!” She luckily didn’t mistake me for a pervert, and came along. She was a global VP of marketing for Allergan (maker of latisse, botox, and implants- all my favorite hobbies), so we had a nice chat.

Sadly, nice chat doesn’t eliminate terrible rush hour traffic, and I ended up at the airport 5 minutes before my flight took off. I’m still confident that I could have made the sprint to the plane, but AA wouldn’t even let me print a boarding pass.


Dejected, I stood in the line to change my flight, while simultaneously waiting on hold on the phone to change my flight. In case you were wondering, the phone route was actually faster. Then, I sat on the floor of the airport and booked a hotel 5 minutes from where I was sitting. Which brings us to the current state of things: me, in my hotel bed, a half eaten room service sandwich, and this blog.

(Not) Movin’ on Up
May 4, 2010, 3:48 am
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So the plan has changed! I’m not moving to Pac Heights, or even staying in my current apartment. Instead, I’ll be moving into a tiny shoe box near the lovely Dolores Park. I don’t really know why I made this decision, but I did and its final, so not point thinking on it too much.

As many of you know, I don’t deal well with change, and am freaking out a little bit (a lot) about moving into a new place approximately the size of my current kitchen (not an exaggeration). But, I’m trying to focus on the positives such as: Do not need to buy large furniture (more money to pay the rent that is strangely a lot MORE than what I pay now), can walk around in underwear any time (note to self: buy cuter underwear), can make a big mess everywhere and never clean it up, walk in closet (ironic), right by Man Shelf of DoLo, can watch TV whenever I want, can have strange men over all the time (jk mom and dad), laundry room in the basement, the list goes on and on.

Here’s what I’ve been doing for the last week:

Making a dollhouse of my new place to try to figure out how furniture can fit in it. Note the size of the ENTIRE APARTMENT relative to my bed.

Packing. How is it that you always have about 50 times as much stuff as you think you have?

Stay tuned for pics of my new digs…possibly with stuff just sprawled everywhere since I have a ton of it and no furniture to speak of!

Movin’ on up!
April 14, 2010, 8:09 pm
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This week has been hard for me. I don’t deal with change or making decisions very well, and I’ve been faced with doing just that. My amazing roommate found a new 1 br apartment to suit her amazingness, so decided to take the opportunity and will be moving out. I was heartbroken! She is great, and also, owns all the furniture in the apartment. To make matters worse, our landlady took the opportunity to raise the monthly rent nearly $200. Poop.

So, I had to decide whether to find a new roommate or move out. Thanks to everyone who got on the phone with me while I cried about my really hard life. Anyhow, I finally made a decision, and it wasn’t what I thought I would do. I decided that I really want to live in Pac Heights with a friend of a friend that I met once 6 years ago. To answer your questions: Yes, it’s probably the most expensive neighborhood in SF, No, I don’t make that much money, Yes, moving is a pain in the ass, and No, I don’t actually know my future roommate very well, but sometimes in life you just have to take a leap of faith! And the new roommate, by the way, seems like she will be great!

However, it will be hard to leave my sweet Mission pad and face the reality of what $2500 a month will get you in Pac Heights.

My ideal kitchen:

What $2500 gets you:

I like to start my day with a luxurious bath:

Bathroom on a budget does not allow for this:

Cute Victorian!?

Not with that paycheck 😦

Okay, so I’m exaggerating.  Those pics are actually of a tiny $1150 studio I looked at yesterday. I will hopefully end up with more than 100 sq. feet of living space.

Stay tuned for what happens as me and Natalie attempt to find a good apartment! Also, please come help me move.

Managing Your Energy For High Performance
March 24, 2010, 12:41 am
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Say whaaaaaat? Yeah, I don’t know what it means either, but my boss recommended I take a workshop on doing that, and I got to get out of working for a day, so I was all about it (or ’bout it ’bout it, as I like to say).

Anyway, I won’t bore you with the details, but the workshop was about basically how to be balanced and not get burnt out at work. We had to take an “energy audit” where we evaluated our energy on 4 different dimensions (physical, emotional, human spirit, and something else new agey). Basically, I failed on everything except the physical. I guess when you sleep 9 hours a night and work out everyday, you’re left with no friends and a boring job!

But I’m going to change all of that, and you’re going to help! At the end of the class, we wrote down a “ritual” that we’d take up, in order to improve one part of the energy audit (I am totally not explaining this well at all). Basically, we made like a new year’s resolution and an action plan to keep it.

My “ritual” is around spending more time with friends and family- that means YOU, blog readers! My goal is to do something social two weeknights a week. I’ll never quite be at the Mamie level (my roommate who does fun things every single night) but it will be a start in helping me not feel totally run down. And maybe I’ll meet a boyfriend while I’m out doing all these fun social things.

Soon, it will be ME on the cover

Tonight is fun social night #1. Jess will be joining me for yoga and then we will east something delicious and I will return the snow gear that I borrowed from her. All right social life!

In other news I am, for no reason at all, attempting to do yoga every day this week. Can I do that AND go out two nights? Stay tuned…..

Confessions of an Online Shopaholic (aka: a love letter to eBay)
January 8, 2010, 1:27 am
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I’m back! But I’m not apologizing. Don’t act like you didn’t know I was the least consistent blogger ever.

They say that the first step to overcoming an addiction is admitting you have a problem. So here it is, world: My name is Kate, and I’m an online shopping addict. I love the rush I get when I find a coupon code. I love ordering items in multiple sizes and getting free return shipping on the ones that don’t fit. I love clicking that “place order” button almost as much as I love it when I see the delivery guy at work heading towards my desk (yes, he knows me by name).

But I’ve resolved to make a change!  See, I’m been trying to spend less this month. Trying really hard, because Christmas was a doozy, and I just booked a vacation to the Dominican Republic. My credit card could use a rest, so I need to cut back on unnecessary expenses, like manicures, laser hair removal, chemical peels, and yes…online shopping.

Unfortunately, this is the week that I am “in between jobs.” My current team has already replaced me, but the new team wasn’t quite ready for me to start, so I’ve been sitting at my desk bored out of my mind- splitting my time between staring into space, napping, and watching James Franco videos on Funny or Die.

But these free time wasters can only satisfy you for so long…I couldn’t resist the urge to do some online shopping this week. What’s a girl on a budget to do? I couldn’t indulge in my usual online purchases (shoes and face crap) so instead…I bought a  ton of cheap electronic accessories! Wait until you see these deals. Seriously. You will want to fire up eBay and get like 100 chargers for $4.

It started innocently enough. I needed a charger (or two) for my Nexus One phone. They’re like $25 if you buy them at a reputable retailer, so I chose instead to get two for $7.23 (I love you eBay).

Then I remembered that I haven’t been able to use my GPS for a month because THAT charger broke. It was literally $1.00 on eBay. Clearly this is a product that’s being produced by a 4 year old in China, but…ONE DOLLAR!!!! Come on.

Then Jill had the brilliant idea of buying a cable to hook her COMPUTER up to her TV (what will they think of next). I wanted to do that TOO (because I copy everything Jill does), but was not about to shell out $30 on the apple store brand. What am I? Made of money? I don’t THINK SO: my price point was $2.99. Luckily, there was an eBay seller to satisfy this need.

Though I’m not officially still on my team at work, I decided to show support for them by attending a meeting about our Q4 performance. SNOOZE FEST! What could I do instead of paying attention? Remember the Nexus One phone? Yeaaaah, I lost the case it came with and really needed a new one. *boop boop beep boop* (that’s the sound of me pulling up eBay). It was only $4.85 FREE SHIPPING. *buy it now*

It was getting out of control. I was about to call the eBay addicts anonymous helpline…when I managed to think of something (semi) productive with my time. I browsed over to Lifehacker! Great! I’m going to learn lots of nifty things and read about tech gadgets that will make me sound smart to my new boss! Unfortunately, they were featuring this AWESOME laptop stand. ON SALE FOR ONLY $5!!! You know I can’t pass up a deal like that.

Now I’m embarrassed to start my new job because I’m going to have approximately 39 packages delivered to my desk within the first week.

However, today I took a little field trip to visit my new team. I noticed an empty desk- its owner was still out on vacation. In front of that absent co-workers desk was: a pile. of packages. AS TALL AS ME! Have I finally met my online shopping match?

We shall see…but for now, I gotta go- I have to leave feedback for 5 items.

Closet Freak
November 30, 2009, 5:20 am
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What better way to wrap up a long weekend than…organizing your closet! Okay, so I have a different definition of fun than most people.

Unfortunately, I failed to take “before” pictures, because I got the idea to blog about this midway through the task. My closet wasn’t TERRIBLE, but it was getting a bit disorganized, and I always dreaded putting away my clothes that needed to be hung up because I knew it would be yet another battle to find a hanger and squeeze something in.

Dream closet:

Reality Closet: A full 60″ of space WOWEE. Additionally, getting into this closet is a death-defying feat because half of it goes onto the stairs. I almost died today.

Lousy as this closet is, I’m an advocate of making the best of what you’ve got, and with a few modifications of things I already have, as well as some ‘as seen on TV’ helpers, I was able to get things in tip-top shape. One cool thing about this closet is that there is actually about 15 feet of what I call crawl space that isn’t great for anything you need easy access to, but is great for storing things like your suitcase, or that foot spa you HAD to have.

I think that the first part of organization is to diagnose the problem. In my closet, I realized that bulky hooded sweatshirts (I have like 100) and dresses that I rarely wear (SF is warm ~10 days/year) were taking up SO much space, and lots of stuff was just getting lost in the middle of the closet. Also, as with any closet, I was hanging on to a lot of things I never wore anymore- that was an easy fix! To the Goodwill it will go.

I ended up putting all my dresses and my Gortex shell (that was more useful when I lived in Chicago) into my SPACE BAGS aka the best $15 I have ever spent. I hung up the biggest of the hooded sweatshirts on my handy-dandy thingie that used to hold my purses:

Before I go any further, I have to confess that the impetus for this whole project was the fact that I saw the Wonder Hanger on TV and (as usual) I had to have it! Luckily, they sell it at Target so you can avoid paying that pesky shipping & handling fee. I reeaaaally wanted to try it out, hehe.

Does it triple closet space? Can I stand in my closet like the lady on the box? I’m not actually sure if it’s saving me any space, and I definitely will never be able to get my body into that closet, but I think it does help to organize things. You can hang 5 shirts on each Wonder Hanger, so I can keep my work shirts separate from my other work shirts separate from my work blazers. Man, I need some new casual wear.

That left the other half of the closet free for miscellaneous shirts that didn’t get a Wonder Hanger, and….more zip up hoodies. Ugh, anyone want a zip up hoodie?

When I moved in, I also ripped the top drawer and wheels off some clear drawers I had, and that’s where I store my measly (non-zip up) sweater collection.

Also, here is a peek inside the crawl space! It looks kind of messy, but it’s actually decently organized compared to how it was before. Also note, I have about 100 extra hangers now. Jill, remember when we were at Target and I made you buy me some hangers? Yeah…may not have been necessary.

Um, yeah, I wasn’t kidding about that foot spa.